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I'm Moving and Abandoning My Pet to Nature !

Do you disagree with this action? Me too!
But unfortunately, during the summer, many dogs, cats and other pets are abandoned to nature. Every summer when the moving or vacation period approaches, our furry and feathered companions are abandoned by the thousands. This action is cowardly and disrespectful!!

You are responsible for your pet.
Think about it “One day you’re fed, sheltered, you receive affection, and the next day you’re an orphan out on the street!” Imagine the stress! Abandoning your pet is an irresponsible gesture towards your pet, your family and society. It is a little like firing an employee by e-mail! It’s easy to do, but cowardly.
What happens to these new street orphans? Some adapt to living in the streets, others die of hunger or are hit by cars, some are saved by Animal Protection Agencies (animal pick-up services), where they will be adopted by another family, or more commonly, put to sleep.

What to do?
* Try to find a good home for your pet.
Weeks before the move, place an ad at the vet’s office, grooming centre,  supermarket or convenience store.
* Tell all your friends about your plans.
A powerful network of contacts will then be created.
* Talk to your pet.
You are feeling stressed, you are packing your boxes, you are taking your distance from your pet. This is all normal, except that he does not know what is going on. So talk to him, explain the situation. Your animal will not understand the sentences, but he will understand the emotion. It will reassure him, and you as well.
* Call before the big trip.
If you have to take your pet to the vet’s or the animal shelter, call before going and explain the situation. The employees of these places will make the task easier for you.
* OR call a friend to comme to the rescue.
Ask a friend to take your pet to the vet’s or the shelter for you. Friends are more emotionally detached than you are.
* OR call the animal pick-up service for help.
Ask that they come and take the pet from your home. Fees may apply, but it can be worth it

So please respect your pet. Don’t simply open the door and let it get lost in nature or abandon it in your old home.

Your pet, your family and society thank you!

Caroline Fortin, D.V.M.