ABC-Animal - Season : Summer

Going to the Beach !

Dogs at the Beach, Be carefull
Finally, summertime is back again. What a winter! If you’re planning to go to the beach to forget cold temperatures and snow and you want to bring your dog with you, pay close attention! Watch him carefully to prevent health problems.

Dangerous Sun and Heat
First, since animals are very sensitive to dehydration, think about the sun and heat. A dangerous heatstroke can be reason for a long-term visit to the veterinarian. It would be sad to spoil his holidays as well as yours! So, for his health, at the beach always offer him shade (with a parasol or other options) and a bowl of fresh water.

Shell + Fish = Diarrhea + Vomiting
Be attentive to everything he finds on the beach. If swallowed, certain shells can be as dangerous as chicken bones because their sharp edges can irritate, block and even perforate the intestines. Furthermore, fish and molluscs found on the shore can also be contaminated and cause gastro-enteritis with diarrhoea and vomiting, which you will remember for a long time!

Fragments and Cuts
Fragments of glass and other debris are often found lying on the beach. To be on the safe side, bring along bandages and antibiotic cream to control cuts and bleeding.

Salty Sea Water
If Fido quenches his thirst with a large amount of salty sea water, he may vomit. Generally, this problem is easily resolved by giving him some fresh water.
If your animal swims, the saltwater will dry on his fur and irritate the skin. So after every swim, always rinse him with fresh water.

For reassurance, wherever you go, always take note of the address and phone number of the closest veterinarian. Enjoy the beach and have fun with your best friend!

Mireille Lapierre, D.V.M.
Archipel Vet Clinic
Magdalen-Islands, Québec, Canada